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Welcome to the MSF career platform!

The aim of this app is to put many of the HR tools and procedures together and to show how they are all interconnected.
Here, you will find many information about the MSF field functions and all the possibilities to grow up within the organization by following one of the many career path available for you!
Furthermore, you will have a full picture of the technical skills and transversal competencies linked to each function.

Here’s a brief description of the platform content:


A snapshot of all the MSF field functions, as well as the “weight” of each function within the organization. It’s a living document and it can be subject to further changes and /or integrations. (The function grid has been agreed at intersection level and validated by the IDRH in 2012). Clicking on a job you’ll enter the job page where you’ll find a full range of information, like:
- Career path linked to the job
- Job profile
- Language level
- Technical skill profile and level description
- Transversal competencies profile and level description
- Trainings

For any question contact your IRFFG focal point in OCB: [email protected]

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Career Path

A comprehensive view of the typical career paths in MSF.
Passing your mouse over a job, you’ll see the path linking a job to the others and giving an overview of the possibilities to take up ever more challenging positions.
Clicking on a job, you’ll enter the job page with all the information mentioned above.
You can filter the overall view by clicking on the above menu in order to see just the jobs belonging to a specific job family.

Technical Skills

A detailed dictionary of the technical skills for each department, validated by OCB technical referents.
Below the dictionary, you’ll find the technical skill profile for each job.
You can see the graph by clicking on the job title

Transversal Competencies

As for the technical skills, you’ll find here the dictionary of transversal company, shared and validated at Inter-section level.


Here you can find the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which has been used as a benchmark to set the expected proficiency levels by job

We hope you’ll have fun surfing the app and, most of all, you’ll find it useful to have all the above HR tools together and presented in an organic way.

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