Level   12

Reports to (Hierarchical)

FIN / HR Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

FIN / HR Coordinator

Job Family


Main Purpose

The Deputy HR / FIN Coordinator works closely with the HR / FIN Co to help ensure proper HR and administrative management of the mission. He/she is the back-up of the HR / FIN Co, able to step in and assume the responsibilities of the HR/ FIN Co when s/he is absent. Additionally, the Deputy HRCo:

  • is the first-line technical referent supporting field admin for national staff administration (rules, procedures, Homere, etc.)
  • is responsible of the daily follow-up and management of the administrative issues
  • advises HRFIN Co and helps ensure legal obligations are respected in the mission.


Legal and administrative management

  • Ensures the good management of all the contracts (employees, lease agreements, car rental, insurances);
  • Be the contact person with the lawyer.
  • Follows the court cases or the legal procedures with the lawyer;
  • Ensures all the, fiscal, social, labour laws are followed and respected in all the administrative issues of the mission;
  • When needed, participates to the negotiations for the signature of agreements, MoU, contracts and ensures the legal requirements and the MSF procedures are respected;
  • Is the contact person for all the authorities for admin related contacts (Ministries, local authorities for fiscal, legal, labour related issues) and ensures a good communication flow with the HR coordinator about these contacts;
  • Lease Agreements/Contract
  • Ensures the follow-up of the lease agreements of the mission (capital and field) for houses, warehouses, offices (update and payments).
  • Ensures that all the contracts are in accordance with the standard and the law. Keep proper follow up and ensure timely renewal if needed.
  • Ensures all the MSF properties are insured and follows closely with the CoTL all the insurance contracts;
  • Ensures, in a proper filing system of the documents; all agreements (MOU’s), contracts, employees’ files in the capital office, for capital and all the originals for fields International staff HR and administrative Management Deputy HR & Administration Coordinator is responsible for the administrative follow up of expatriates by supervising the Admin Assistant for:
  • Acquisition and extensions of visa for expats
  • Travel and movements of expats
  • Planning & implementation of long weekends according to mission policy
  • Follow up of initial, midterm and final evaluations of expats National HR and administrative management
  • Field support
  • Is the support for the fields for all the national staff management related questions;
  • Controls the recruitment procedures, vacancies, interviews, contracts’ renewals, amendments, ends of contracts…;
  • Advices the field admin to ensure consistency and objectivity for disciplinary measures and dismissal;
  • Supervises the administrative management in the capital & fields: local tax, vacancy notices and recruitment procedures, working hours, general management of the national human resources and daily workers; Ensures all the legal and social laws are implemented on the fields;
  • Follows-up the update of the organization charts, job profiles, local rules with the fields admin;
  • Facilitates the communication flow between the fields and the capital for all the legal and administrative procedures, helps to write documents on this subject when needed;
  • JP, Evaluations & Trainings - Follows the evaluation plan for the mission national staff and makes the evaluations for the staff depending on the administration;
  • Prepare and follow up of Expats evaluation plan and make sure the evaluation has been done in time.
  • Follows the training plan and proposes/looks for trainings for the identified staff;
  • Updates the job profiles for administration staff and helps the other department when needed; External relations
  • Facilitates the contacts and the public relations with all the admin related Ministries or State institutions, like the Ministry of Interior;
  • Keeps regular contact with other NGO’s about the admin procedures implemented by them. Reporting
  • Compiles sitrep for HR & Admin Department and monthly HR & Admin report. Finance and budgeting
  • Compiles the monthly check list for the Hr & Administration department
  • Compiles and follows up the administration budget for the Coordination project location
  • Together with HRCo and the HR responsible compiles and follows-up the HR budget for office
  • Together with the HRCo compiles all HR and administration budgets of the mission


Minimum Bachelor degree Diploma in Human Resources Management, Business administration or Legal


At least 6 months MSF experiences (or INGO) within the HR & Administration functions

Language Level Description

C1  Proficient User

Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced

  • Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning.
  • Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.
  • Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.
  • Can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.

Technical Skills

This job doesn't have technical skills.

Transversal Competencies

Strategic Vision

Has an overview and links current actions with organisational objectives

  • Contributes towards the global vision.
  • Relates the objectives of his/her project to MSF’s objectives.
  • Is able to distinguish between working activities that give value to MSF’s objectives and those that do not.
  • Sets and maintains an order of priorities in his/her work according to MSF’s strategic objectives. 

Planning and Organising

Enables others to organize

  • Provides support and offers alternatives to ensure that everyone in the team is able to plan/organise his/her own job.
  • Ensures objectives are well defined, shared and acknowledged by the whole team.
  • Involves the team in discussions on planning to increase efficiency.
  • Is able to use other people’s planning to monitor activities.
  • Enables others to organise and plan ahead, based on clear and structured vision.
  • Organises plans and objectives according to the long-term vision.
  • When a new situation arises, foresees the time required (by him/herself and others) and makes small organisational or time-related changes to deal with it.
  • Provides reports from meetings with main points agreed and next steps proposed.
  • Makes sure that everyone involved in a task is aware of its existence, knows the expected results and by when they are to be achieved. 

Teamwork and Cooperation

Builds team spirit within the organisation

  • Fosters and encourages collaboration between members of different teams, services and departments, even in difficult situations.
  • Explains to others (in meetings, speeches, etc.) the importance of working in teams.
  • Acts by example. 


Uses actions and indirect influences to persuade

  • Gives solid and coherent arguments to support his/her points to the interlocutor, stressing the key information.
  • Uses different communication tools and means (internal and external resources) to get the message across.
  • Selects communication strategies to have a persuasive impact on the interlocutor.
  • Seeks backup from experts and third parties to strengthen his/her point of view.
  • Manages his/her emotions. 

People Management and Development

Works on the growth and development of team members

  • Offers each team member an equal opportunity to succeed.
  • Publicly acknowledges good performance and positively reinforces it.
  • Considers the personal development of each team member and proposes an individual development plan. 

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