Level   13

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Head of Mission

Reports to (Functional)

HR referent in the cell at HQ

Job Family

Administration, Human Resources, Finance

Main Purpose

Define, adapt, plan and supervise the implementation of human resources policies in the Mission, ensuring they are in line with the context, the operational challenges and the strategic HR.

Being a strategic partner to Operations contributes to the definition and implementation of the mission’s objectives and ensures the HR capacity required, sizing and improving people capabilities, contribution and active participation in order to achieve mission goals effectively. This will be done according to MSF human resources vision and values.

Is responsible of ensuring that MSF is a Responsible employer in the mission, supports proper management of HR across the board and assumes full responsibility of all Administrative and legal issues in the Mission.


  • Is an active member of the Mission Coordination Team (MCT), contributing to the mission’s objectives definitions and missions strategic plans.
  • Is responsible for all human resources management and administrative issues of the whole mission, ensuring they are aligned with legal requirements, HR vision and Responsible Employer frame
  • Ensures alignment of mission’s objectives with HR institutional objectives beyond the mission (related with future HR capacity of the organization such as supporting development of staff beyond missions roles, promoting spaces to train new staff (first missions) or staff under development plans, detachment, etc…)
  • Contributes to planning and definition of Human Resources in the Mission, analyzing local capacities and supporting on identifying the optimum team set-up to properly achieve Mission’s objectives and identifying key indicators in order to follow up the results, and revise the HR plan accordingly.
  • Provides advice and technical expertise to the Mission Coordination Team, in order to design job profiles, organisational charts and decision-making channels.
  • In close collaboration with the Mission Coordination Team, plans HR operational and budget needs in order to efficiently ensure the required HR sizing and capabilities of the mission. Is responsible for the follow-up of the HR budget and plan and accountable for both
  • Defines HR strategies at mission level to ensure the mission counts with the capacities and competences needed, in the short, mid and long term (recruitment, remuneration, management and learning & development plans).
  • Defines local policies defining or adapting MSF standard policies to the mission. Ensures implementation of all HR Policies and Management Guidelines.
  • Ensure that local and regional staff in the Mission is properly recruited and that all staff is managed according to MSF HR vision, policies and values, and provides support and technical advice to MCT in order to grant fulfilment and coherence.
  • Identify the best source of recruitment according to the needs and objectives of the mission as well as define recruitment strategy based on the analysis of labour market with the objective of recruiting professionals and people with potentials to develop within the mission/organization
  • Supports and coach as an Expert all MCT members in their role of people’s managers
  • Is the responsible and technical referent for HR and Administration related issues at Mission level (recruitment, management and development of teams, contracting of national and regional employees’, remuneration of local and regional staff, etc.).
  • Is responsible and supervises all human resources and administration team in capital
  • Ensure the proper implementation of the Performance Management System (PMS) throughout the Mission, providing technical support to the coordination team and the Administration Managers in implementing and detecting training needs, in accordance to operational requirements, in evaluating people performance and in implementing the associated action plans in order to improve people’s capabilities and their end results contribution to mission goals.
  • Define, approve and/or coordinate the implementation of career development programs to high potential collaborators in order to increase long term commitment and contribution.
  • Define and coordinate the local implementation of a fair rewarding policy in the Mission in accordance to MSF policies and local regulations checking monthly calculations of salaries and taxes, in order to ensure internal equity, adequate competitiveness and legal compliance.
  • Define and coordinate the internal communication policy, in collaboration with all field coordination teams, organising personnel meetings and broadcasting MSF values and vision, in order to boost people commitment, active participation and adherence to MSF values.
  • Ensures systematic briefings and induction of all staff in the Mission (International, National and Regional).
  • Supervise administrative processes for all staff and manage conflicts when they appear, in order to ensure labour legal compliance and to improve employer branding awareness.
  • Ensure a good knowledge of labour market: in terms of profiles available, level of qualifications, specificities, lead or request labour market studies and benchmarking studies.
  • Is responsible to make sure that Internal regulations and all HR related policies, procedures and administrative documents (i.e. employment contracts, payslip, etc.) are within the national legal framework.
  • Promote internal (interprojects ) and external (intermissions) mobility of key staff identified and support the development of plans to ensure mobility .
  • Develop the mission mobility policy according to the needs and the context and in respect with policies and standards.
  • Ensure, in close collaboration with the medical team, the implementation of safety/security/medical protocols in order to ensure healthy and risk-free working conditions for all staff in the Mission.
  • Provide expertise to coordinators/supervisors/activity managers on how to manage HR ( team management, conflict management, stress early detection, communication, meetings…)
  • Detect potential conflicts among Mission staff and intervenes directly in conflict solving when necessary and/or possible. Is responsible to look for a viable solution in case a direct intervention is not possible.
  • Make sure that cases linked to behavioural issues are prevented, detected and managed.
  • Is responsible for the correct use of HR Systems in the Mission and systematically ensures the quality of data and the monthly closing.
  • Ensure, in close collaboration with Logistics department, that all international and internal movements in the Mission are properly managed (visas, tickets, per diem when necessary, dates of arrival/departure, etc.), and ensures proper accommodation conditions (i.e. room, food, etc.) by informing all relevant people/departments.
  • Reports on HR indicators to MCT and managers in order to feed decision making, planning and fine tuning of mission’s and project’s strategies
  • Ensures proper end of assignment, debriefing and capitalization of experiences at mission level and shares it with HR Department.
  • Represents MSF in meetings with Authorities and other NGOs for HR or Administration related issues.


Essential, degree in HR management or administration related studies.


Essential, working experience of at least two years in relevant and similar jobs.

Language Level Description

C1  Proficient User

Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced

  • Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning.
  • Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.
  • Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.
  • Can produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.


HR Foundations

Human Resources Coordination Course (HRCC)

Technical Skills

HR Strategy Development


Able to analyze the local HR context of the mission

Able to advise on the analyze of the HR organization of the project (workload, tasks allocation, needs calculation,...)

Able to define the HR strategy of the mission, integrating both operational needs and the one of the organization - global HR strategy (OC and international level)

Able to evaluate and plan the activities to put in place in order to implement the strategy



Able to analyze the local legal context with the support of MSF tools

Able to organize the legal protection of the mission by identifying a local legal expert able to advise the organization, using guidelines and with the advise of legal adviser in HQ if necessary

Able to ensure the follow up of court cases, liaising with the HQ and the local legal expert

Able to write / co write a draft of any contractual document taking into account the local law and MSF policies and submit if necessary to the local and or HQ legal advisor

Able to ensure the follow up of the different taxes payment (fiscal obligation) 

Administrative Management


Able to explain and ensure the proper implementation of policies, tools and processes related to legal management of the project (contract, rent,...)

Able to follow up legal aspects of the project management

Able to put in place a system to ensure the proper legal management of the project



Able to implement MSF administrative policies and tools (MSP, Health care package, GPS,...)

Able to implement processes autonomously and propose improvement in order to adapt them to the mission/project

Able to implement the function grid

Able to implement a salary revision

Career management


Able to support the supervisors to detect people with potentials based on competencies

Able to propose career development plan for national staff 

Able to follow up career development plans



Able to define objectives for specific trainings according to specific needs detected

Able to develop basic training sessions in own area

Able to make an assessment of training needs in a team/mission

Able to facilitate training sessions and to  train other facilitators

Organization Design


Able to advise the coordinators / supervisors / activity managers on how to define organizational structures and design organization charts

Able to advise coordinators / supervisors / activity managers on how put in place a system of meetings and communication flows adapted to the situation of their teams and to their activities

Team Management


Able to advise coordinators / supervisors / activity managers on how to give and receive feedback in order to improve team work

Able to analyse (de)motivation factors in a team and advise coordinators / supervisors / activity managers in terms of motivation

Able to advise coordinators / supervisors / activity managers on how to delegate and on how to supervise

Able to advise and assist coordinators / supervisors / activity managers in case of conflicts or stress detected within a team

IT HR Tools


Able to use the IT system as a management tool, by extracting all the relevant data, analyzing them and drawing conclusion

Transversal Competencies

Strategic Vision

Has an overview and links current actions with organisational objectives

  • Contributes towards the global vision.
  • Relates the objectives of his/her project to MSF’s objectives.
  • Is able to distinguish between working activities that give value to MSF’s objectives and those that do not.
  • Sets and maintains an order of priorities in his/her work according to MSF’s strategic objectives. 

Planning and Organising

Enables others to organize

  • Provides support and offers alternatives to ensure that everyone in the team is able to plan/organise his/her own job.
  • Ensures objectives are well defined, shared and acknowledged by the whole team.
  • Involves the team in discussions on planning to increase efficiency.
  • Is able to use other people’s planning to monitor activities.
  • Enables others to organise and plan ahead, based on clear and structured vision.
  • Organises plans and objectives according to the long-term vision.
  • When a new situation arises, foresees the time required (by him/herself and others) and makes small organisational or time-related changes to deal with it.
  • Provides reports from meetings with main points agreed and next steps proposed.
  • Makes sure that everyone involved in a task is aware of its existence, knows the expected results and by when they are to be achieved. 

Teamwork and Cooperation

Builds team spirit within the organisation

  • Fosters and encourages collaboration between members of different teams, services and departments, even in difficult situations.
  • Explains to others (in meetings, speeches, etc.) the importance of working in teams.
  • Acts by example. 


Uses actions and indirect influences to persuade

  • Gives solid and coherent arguments to support his/her points to the interlocutor, stressing the key information.
  • Uses different communication tools and means (internal and external resources) to get the message across.
  • Selects communication strategies to have a persuasive impact on the interlocutor.
  • Seeks backup from experts and third parties to strengthen his/her point of view.
  • Manages his/her emotions. 

People Management and Development

Works on the growth and development of team members

  • Offers each team member an equal opportunity to succeed.
  • Publicly acknowledges good performance and positively reinforces it.
  • Considers the personal development of each team member and proposes an individual development plan. 

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