Level   7

Reports to (Hierarchical)

Finance and HR Coordinator

Reports to (Functional)

Finance and HR Coordinator

Job Family


Main Purpose

Assisting the Finance & HR Coordinator in the implementation and follow-up of the Finance/HR activities of the mission, while executing the accountancy and administration related tasks for the capital, according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to ensure documentary traceability and compliance to local labour and fiscal regulations


  • Supporting the Finance & HR Coordinator with delegated tasks to ensure proper management in the Mission (budget, accounting, treasury, reporting, donors, auditing procedures, legal financial obligations, etc.) including the translation of documents into local language and assisting in meetings upon request. Supervising that the internal regulations in the mission are followed in order to ensure both tax and labour regulations compliance
  • Keeping updated on the local law and informing the Fin & HRCo of any changes or misalignment with the practices in place. Ensuring respect of and strict compliance to MSF standards (Chart of accounts, quality of documents, guidelines, expense validation procedures, cash security rules, etc.)
  • Carrying out all accounting tasks and activities for the capital, including efficient administration and management of petty cash. Ensuring confidentiality on all finance issues related to MSF as well as the strict control of all expenditures and the reliability of statements and documentation. Processing the payments to third parties, checking that receipts meet the necessary quality standards. Following up on the rental/service contract and insurances dates and informing the Fin & HR Co on time to organize payments and renewals
  • Filing hard copies of documents, entering the information in the accounting software and performing monthly closing procedures for the journals under his/her responsibility
  • Collecting information on the cost of living on a regular basis.
  • Executing recruitment activities in order to meet HR needs and executing all contract related activities (file opening and formal documentation archiving, personnel data updating, amendments, termination dates supervision, etc) in order to ensure legal compliance. Presenting and explaining contract terms and the content of the Internal Regulations, Staff Regulations, HR policies and/or living conditions in order to facilitate staff integration and their security
  • Collecting the variable pay slip elements for Homere (paid holidays, sick leave, unpaid leave, etc.) and supervising the payroll process, checking the list of employees and the amounts payable (variable pay, taxes and social security contributions) in order to ensure accurate and timely payroll payment
  • Supporting the FIN & HR Co in HR related processes such as registering applicants to training activities and evaluating the results thereof, drawing up annual holiday planning to schedule staff shifts and cover operational needs, organizing travel and files of all staff arriving in the mission (booking and purchase of tickets, pick up from airport, keeping/renewing passports, briefings, induction), ensuring that all staff have valid work, residence and travel permits



Desirable, certificate or diploma in business, HR Management or similar education.


  • Essential previous working experience of at least two years in relevant jobs
  • Desirable experience in MSF or other NGOs in developing countries

Language Level Description

B1  Independent User

Threshold or intermediate

  • Can understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.
  • Can deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where the language is spoken.
  • Can produce simple connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest.
  • Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Technical Skills

Money/Cash Management


Sound knowledge of project security/cash guideline/procedures (transfers, keeping money, ...)

and able to implement them

Able to analyse cassh discrepancies and to propose solutions 



HR Strategy Development


Able to implement and follow up the activities defined in the objectives and HR strategy of the project



Able to understand and implement policies, tools and processes related to legal management of the project (contract, rent,...)

Administrative Management


Able to execute MSF administrative policies, tools (MSP, Health care package, international staff guidelines...), and processes, with supervision

Team Management


Able to follow basic rules on how to handle one-to-one communication (giving feedback, warnings, etc.)

IT HR Tools


Able to capture all the employee data required by MSF in the database

Able to ensure the payment of the staff using the software

Able to ensure the administrative follow up of employees using the software (leaves, warnings, etc…)

Transversal Competencies

Commitment to MSF’s Principles

Demonstrates loyalty, awareness and respect for MSF’s values

  • Expresses his/her interest by talking/asking/giving informed opinions about MSF’s activities.
  • Expresses he/she wants to work with MSF because of its principles and mission.
  • Overtly expresses his/her satisfaction at belonging to MSF and defends MSF’s social mission.
  • Refers to beneficiaries* when speaking about his/her own work.
  • Always transmits a positive image of MSF in front of both colleagues and external people.
  • Translates the principles of MSF into actions.

Behavioural Flexibility

Adapts behaviour to the needs of the situation

  • Accepts decisions which are not completely in line with his/her personal opinions.
  • Is flexible in applying and adapting procedures.
  • Adapts his/her behaviour to the characteristics of the interlocutor and/or situation.
  • Learns from problems and difficulties, becoming more competent at resolving similar situations in the future.
  • Looks for adaptable solutions in order to achieve objectives.
  • Reassesses priorities when circumstances change, focusing on objectives. 

Stress Management

Understands other people’ s stress

  • Has an understanding attitude towards other people’s mistakes and shortcomings.
  • Gives calm and polite answers and repeats them patiently if necessary.
  • Uses techniques or plans activities to manage his/her own stress.
  • Responds and acts constructively in conflictive situations. 

Results and Quality Orientation

Works towards objectives, preserving established standards

  • Perseveres until the objectives of the job and the team have been met.
  • Complies with the procedures, processes and rules set by MSF.
  • Is aware that the purpose of his/her job is to meet the specified objectives.
  • Is autonomous.
  • Mobilizes resources.
  • Analyses problems and constraints. 

Teamwork and Cooperation

Shares information and coordinates with team and/or others

  • Shares significant information in a timely manner and actively seeks the opinion of team members or others through empathetic communication.
  • Allows others to question work/input if this leads to improvement.
  • Coordinates with other team members to ensure that common objectives are achieved.
  • Shows interest in and empathy with team members. 

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